Pet Bounce Review: A Natural Pain Reliever

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Pets like dogs and cats won’t be able to tell us that they are in deep pain. But our furry friends will not be able to mask the discomfort and suffering they have due to arthritis. Fortunately for them and us, there is a natural pain reliever in Pet Bounce.

What is Pet Bounce: Joint Pain Relief?

Pet Bounce is a natural multivitamin for dogs and cats that can also help in relieving pain due to arthritis and similar joint problems. It contains all-natural homeopathic ingredients which are traditionally used in relieving pain, discomfort, and stiffness associated with arthritis. By alleviating painful arthritis symptoms, Pet Bounce can enable your beloved pet to live a comfortable and pain-free life.

How do you tell that your Pet needs Pet Bounce?

Arthritis is a common health problem affecting cats and dogs alike. Studies have shown that almost 90% of dogs aged five years and above will have it at one point in their lives. The same can also be said to cats, as recent research showed that 90% of cats aged 12 years and above will be afflicted with arthritis.

Aging is considered one of the prime contributing factors to arthritis. Canine and feline joints naturally degenerate as the pet’s age. The joint is separated from the bones by cartilage, a soft and flexible tissue that provides support to the bone and flexibility to the joint. Like cats and dog’s age, their cartilage also deteriorates and loses elasticity. Arthritis can come as a result, which can cause pain and discomfort to the animal.

It should be noted that both cats and dogs are excellent at masking the symptoms of arthritis especially during the early stages of the condition. Hence, signs of arthritis in cats and dogs can be subtle. It is not uncommon for pet owners to learn about their dog or cat’s condition belatedly when arthritis has become severe.

Dogs With Arthritis

Dogs with arthritis limp. The limp is generally noticeable when they rise from rest or sleep, although it is possible for the limp to disappear once the dog has warmed up. Dogs with arthritis also have problems rising from rest.

Arthritis can leave a once-energetic and enthusiastic dog lethargic. In fact, it is typical for canines dealing with arthritis to sleep more. They also tend to urinate indoors because they can’t move around due to the arthritic pain. And they are likely to lick the affected joint frequently as they attempt to cope with the pain and discomfort. Moreover, there will be times a dog will be vocal about the pain he’s experiencing.

Cats With Arthritis

It is even harder to detect signs of arthritis in cats because cats don’t limp. Our feline friends don’t show weakness because, in the wild, this can be fatal to them. That behavior has remained with them through the years, up to these days when cats are domesticated.

Cats with arthritis, though, have noticeably reduced movement. They are reluctant to get up or down stairs or furniture, even in areas where they used to hang out and sleep. They also have problems in getting in and out of their litter trays. As a consequence, cats with arthritis are prone to toileting accidents.

There are also observable changes in grooming behavior of cats with arthritis. They no longer groom themselves as much because of the pain. A result of this is a scurfy coat. And in some cases, cats with arthritis will lick their painful joints leading to self-trauma in the affected area manifested by inflamed or infected skin and hair loss.

Cats with arthritis will also have changes in their personality. An ordinarily good-natured cat with arthritis can become more aggressive. He may also be less tolerant of being held or brushed due to the pain caused by arthritis. The cat may also be reluctant to play, hunt, and explore because of the pain and discomfort. He may even find a scratching post uninteresting which can lead to longer nails.

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How does Pet Bounce work?

Pet Bounce is an all-natural homeopathic blend that can alleviate symptoms of arthritis in dogs and pets sans adverse side effects. It is safe for use in dogs and cats of all sizes and ages. Dosage is three times a day with the drops varying depending on the weight of the pet.

Being a droplet, Pet Bounce is easy to administer. You can add it to food and water of your pet. The number of drops may depend on the size and age of the pet. The number of drops normally ranges from 5 to 15, and you will have to make your pet take Pet Bounce thrice a day. As it enters the bloodstream, Pet Bounce can quickly get into the root of the problem.

To further understand how Pet Bounce works, let us look at the homeopathic ingredients of Pet Bounce:

  • Apis Mellifica: This active ingredient in Pet Bounce comes from honeybees. The most potent element of Apis Mellifica is the venom of honeybee which is reputed to be effective in relieving symptoms such as swelling, pain, and inflammation. Curiously, this ingredient has long been used in homeotherapy having been discovered and harnessed in Germany sometime in the early 19th century.
  • Belladonna: This is a herbaceous plant that grows in the western side of Asia, the northern part of Africa, and parts of Europe. Its root and leaf are both used for medicines. According to homeopathic experts, it is a potent pain reliever. It can also relax the muscles and treat inflammation. It can also promote a well-functioning nervous system.
  • Caulphyllum: a herb found in the forests of Canada and the United States, it usually blooms in the spring. It is believed that native Americans harnessed it for pain relief during childbirth. This ingredient is also known to alleviate pain and stiffness in the joints.
  • Colchicum Autumnale: this flower blooms during the autumn, earning it the nickname autumn crocus. It is a popular painkiller and can also provide relief from joint and gastric pain. It has antioxidant properties, too.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron: this vine is found in the forest areas of North America. It is used in relieving various types of stiffness including that affecting the back and neck. And it can also be effective in relieving arthritic pain.
  • Ruta Graveolens: this plant which is widespread in Southern Europe was believed to ward off plague during the olden times. It is also used in relieving joint pain as well as swelling and stiffness caused by bone-related injuries.

pet-bounce-reviewHomeopathic Ingredients as Natural Pain Reliever

All the ingredients of Pet Bounce are homeopathic in nature. Homeopathic medicine for dogs is very popular these days. When we say homeopathic, we refer to a holistic method of harnessing all-natural substance for speeding up the natural healing process. Similar to homeopathic medicine for humans, homeopathic medicine for pets can be used in treating various conditions, from diarrhea to allergies to arthritis.

In homeopathic medicine for canines, the immune system is strengthened so that the canine’s body is stimulated to heal itself. The use of plants, minerals, and animal by-products are used depending on the needs of the animal to be treated. Homeopathic medicine can treat various conditions and not only arthritis. These include digestive problems, respiratory issues, diarrhea, and skin irritations.

Homeopathic medicine for pets has many key benefits including fewer side effects compared to traditional medicine, treatment of various conditions, and effective treatment and prevention of health conditions. Moreover, it is in sync with the natural immune system of the body.

Fortified with Resveratrol

Pet Bounce is also enriched with Resveratrol which makes it more potent in treating symptoms of arthritis in dogs and cats.

Resveratrol is a compound that is found in various plants including grapes. It is also found in red wine. While grapes are considered unsafe for canines, the mixture is bereft of the toxic dog ingredients found in grapes and thus safe for dogs to consume.

In 2015, a study found that this compound can boost the immune system of humans and animals. It works with the white blood cells in releasing cytokines that promote the immune system. It has also been found to have a positive effect on cancer growth in humans.

Does Pet Bounce Have Side-Effects?

One of the many benefits of giving Pet Bounce to your pet is that you won’t have to worry about side effects. As it is made from all-natural ingredients, Pet Bounce is utterly free from side effects. It has no toxins at all so you can be assured of the excellent health and safety of your dog.

Special Online Offer

Pet Bounce presents an effective and safe way of treating pain and discomfort associated with arthritis in cats and dogs. Here’s one more reason for you to try Pet Bounce– this exclusive online offer gives you the best value of six Pet Bounce bottles for the price of three. This best-selling package is available for a reasonable price of $119.95, meaning each bottle costs less than 20 bucks. Besides, this package is enough for a six-month supply of Pet Bounce.

You can also try the Tier 2 package wherein you can get 1 free bottle of Pet Bounce for a purchase of two bottles. The package retails for $79 and is enough for three months of moderate use. Or you can try the sampler package with one bottle of Pet Bounce for $29.99.

So what are you waiting for? Try Pet Bounce now and see for yourself why this is getting a lot of rave reviews online.



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