Potty Training your German Shepherd Puppy

Potty Training your German Shepherd Puppy

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Potty Training you German shepherd puppy can be an easy process with the proper German Shepherd Housebreaking techniques.

There are three basic methods of housebreaking puppies or dogs – the basic direct method, the paper method, and the litter box method. Each method refers to where the dog potties.

It’s time to start Preparing to House Train Your German Shepherd Puppy, or German Shepherd adult dog so in this German Shepherd Puppy Potty Training video we are going to do just that. By Giving you proven methods to housebreak your Shepherd that will help you start off with the right steps.

This will help you get prepared to take up the responsibility of housebreaking your pal, and to experience the unconditional love and loyalty that only dogs can give you.

The first important element for success in housebreaking your German Shepherd will be your consistency. For the fastest route to success, choose a method that fits your lifestyle and stick with it…every day…every time..without fail. What I mean by lifestyle is indoor or outdoor housetraining, and housebreaking schedules to suit different lifestyles (working owners, non-working owners, etc), You will get a better understanding of this, as we go on.

Indoor Verses Outdoor

The German Shepherd is a breed that can be kept in an apartment, but much prefers living where he has a fenced yard for exercise.We know that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances, in which outdoor housebreaking will not be feasible. So the potty training methods in this video hold true to both indoor and outdoor house training.

So the very first thing is that, You must carefully choose the designated bathroom area, either inside or outside. You see when you bring your new puppy or adult dog home, they will have no clue as to where to eliminate. So it is your job to show them. Simply ‘outside’ will not be sufficient. For example, your dog will become very confused if led out to the front yard one day, and the back yard the next. It’s best to choose a specific area, whether you chose inside or outside. Remember, consistency is key. While you will choose the bathroom area, allow your German Shepherd puppy to pick the perfect spot within that area. Stand in the middle of it and allow your dog to sniff around, and decide exactly where he would like to go. When a puppy or dog has a choice in the matter, he does much better. When your puppy or dog is shown the same routine over and over, even the most stubborn dog will learn what is expected.

If your German Shepherd is not taken outside at the proper times and not often enough, house training is doomed to fail. It will be up to you to offer use of the bathroom to your dog. Therefore, taking him or her outside on a regular schedule will be very important.

Crate training is not House Training

German Shepherd puppies will be pretty rambunctious. Outdoor play and some training (like obedience) will help to keep his body and mind busy.

To help you out even further with potty training your Shepherd, I’m going to share with you a Free Training Course on German Shepherd Puppies and dogs. Because this free training course goes way beyond just potty training. You will be guided through the journey of raising and training your pal, with a helping hand from a panel of renowned dog training experts, whose combined wisdom represents nearly 100 years of specialist experience training dogs.




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