Potty Training Your Golden Retriever Puppy. Golden Retriever Housebreaking Tips Puppy Potty Training

Potty Training Your Golden Retriever Puppy. Golden Retriever Housebreaking Tips Puppy Potty Training

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http://dog-trainingtips.net/go/potty-training-golden-retriever-puppy . – Potty Training Golden Retriever Puppies Broken down into easy to follow steps. All puppies have to go to the Bathroom each time …

Hello there, you ready to talk house training? Today in this video about Golden Retriever Puppy Potty Training, we are going to give you Positive, Reward Based Potty Training Tips for your new puppy or adult dog.

Everyone looks forward to the day when their golden retriever puppy will be trained to do their business outside. Using proper techniques, this process need not be a long, frustrating, drawn out ordeal. The first part of golden retriever puppy training, should consist of daily routines. Golden Retrievers thrive on routine as it is a comfort to them. This includes teaching your puppy where his food and water is, and when he eats: usually the same time in the morning, early afternoon and evening. You can also check out our complete golden retriever training guide, at the link below the video, and Learn New and Advanced Training, Care, Tips, Methods and Strategies, FREE! Best of all besides being free, unlike other generic dog training guides, this one will help you learn training techniques that are specific to Golden Retrievers. All puppies, including Golden Retriever puppies, need to relieve themselves a lot !! That is rule number one.

Puppies pee whenever they wake up, after drinking, during play sessions, and well, just about every couple of hours in between that. They will pooh after eating (right after eating) again in the afternoon and then in the evening. This coincides with your feeding schedule, morning, afternoon and evening. A feeding schedule will help the potty training go much smoother for you, and your pup. Golden Retriever puppy training, is most effective when using positive, reward based dog training methods with plenty of encouragement and praise. Whenever you take your golden retriever puppy out to do his, or her business, praise him immediately upon going, and reward with his favorite treat immediately, after he is done going.

Conversely, when puppy has an “accident” in the house ignore it, clean it up and say nothing. Never never never, rub the puppy’s nose in it’s mess. This achieves nothing, is disgracing to your golden retriever, and quite simply, the pup won’t understand why this is being done.

Housetraining is a process involving commitment, supervision and patience. It is not difficult to housetrain a golden retriever, but requires consistency and persistency. Most of all it calls for kindness and praise, as does all training with golden retrievers (or any animal). Golden Retriever puppies, require proper socialization and at least basic obedience training, in order to reach their full potential. From puppy house training (potty training), proper crate training, right through to all the basic obedience commands (sit, stay, down, heel, come etc.) your Goldie will catch on quickly. All they require from you is some clear guidance, consistency and repetition.

OK that’s a wrap for the basics of potty training your Golden Retriever puppy, this is a great start for house training your pal, that you need to start doing now.

If you plan to train your puppy (or older dog at home, I would recommend that you closely follow this comprehensive Golden Retriever training guide, located at the link below.

Best wishes and have an awesome day.

Potty Training Your Golden Retriever Puppy. Golden Retriever Housebreaking Tips Puppy Potty Training: http://dog-trainingtips.net/go/potty-training-golden-retriever-puppy

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