[Puppy Training Tips] When Is It OK To Leave My Puppy Alone During The Day?

[Puppy Training Tips] When Is It OK To Leave My Puppy Alone During The Day?

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Leave My Puppy Alone

When is it OK to leave my puppy alone during the day? Watch this video to find out.

All owners find it occasionally essential to leave their puppy at home alone. So before departing your buddy for long periods, you should show him how to amuse himself correctly when left together, such as by gnawing stuffed chew toys, and learning how to enjoy his own company without becoming restless or stressed. Your puppy is a highly social animal and therefore requires adequate prep for spending a few of his time in communal isolation and solitary confinement.

To teach your puppy how to stay down calmly and silently if you are absent, begin by coaching him to stay down with a chew toy sometimes if you are present.

Your puppy is not like a television set or a gaming. You can’t just pull the plug or temporarily take away the batteries from a rambunctious pup. Instead, you must show him to stay down and shush. From the outset, make consistent quiet moments area of the puppy’s day to day routine. On top of that, encourage your pup to settle down beside you for much longer and longer cycles. For instance, when you’re enjoying tv set have your puppy lie down on a leash or in his crate, but release him for brief play-training breaks through the commercials. For a young puppy dog, you can’t have too many rules.

Teach for Basic Commands

When using your pup, have him relax for frequent short interludes for everyone or two minutes. In the beginning, have the puppy lie still for a couple of seconds before making him play again. After one minute, interrupt the play period once again with a three-second settle-down.

Then try for four seconds, then five, eight, ten, and so on. Although being yo-yoed between your commands “Settle down” and “Let’s play” is difficult at first, the pup soon learns to stay down quickly and happily. Your pup will learn that being asked to stay down is not the finish of the world, neither is it necessarily the end of the play session, but instead that “Relax” signals a short timeout and reward-break before he’s allowed to resume playing.

If you teach your puppy to be following and manipulated when told, you will have many years of fun and exhilaration ahead. Once your puppy has learned to stay down and shush on cue, you can find so much more your pet can enjoy with you.

Socialize You Pup

Your well-trained dog may very well be invited for many walks, journeys in the car, picnics, goes to to the pub, or even to Grandma’s, and even on amazing journeys in which to stay ritzy dog-friendly hotels. On the other hand, if you let your pet play indiscriminately as a pup, he will no doubt want to learn indiscriminately as a grown-up.

Your pet will be hyperactive and uncontrollable because you have taught him to do something that way. In case your pup is not taught to stay down by the time he reaches adolescence, he’ll be unfit to be taken places. Your doggy will begin an eternity of confinement and isolation at home as the rest of the family venture out to have a good time. Not good!

Recruit a Puppy Sitter

Until you have trained your puppy to take pleasure from spending a lot of his trip home alone, you may recruit a puppy sitter that has time to spend with him. Just a few houses outside, there may live an elderly, for example, who would just want to live with a dog (but who doesn’t for some reason) and therefore would be prepared to come over through the daytime and sit down and enjoy your TV or the items of your refrigerator; sustain your puppy’s confinement routine and regularly compensation him for using his doggy toilet; and routinely play with the pup and instruct him household rules.



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